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Do You Know?

During season 10, episode 17 of Grey’s Anatomy Christina Yang experiences two very different universes on a quest to answer the question, “Do you know who are you?”

Do you know who you are? Do you know what’s happened to you? Do you want to live this way?

I’ve been on my own quest for self-realization. When I was younger, I always seemed so sure of the person I would become. Of course, I’m aware of my redeemingΒ qualities and my fatal flaws. I can tell you all of my pet peeves as well as my quirks and habits. I know the things that I absolutely love, and the things I can’t stand at all. I’m aware that my Libra Moon is constantly trying to dominate my Scorpio Sun. In and out, I know who I am as a person. I’ve never had to question who I was a person, I just wonder who I’m meant to be. What greater purpose do I serve? What is the reason for my existence? My objective? I used to be so sure of who I would become, and maybe I’m still just as sure. The reality of things have just set in and I have to realize that my dreams aren’t just dreams anymore. I have to chance to alter my reality and truly take control of my life. I used to be so excited, so sure. Now, I’m just terrified. I have to ask myself the same questions Christina Yang posed, “Do you know who you are? Do you know what’s happened to you? Do you want to live this way?” Think about who you are… What little things make up this phenomenal person you are? What to you stand for? Who do you love and who loves you just as genuinely? What has happened that has changed you as a person? How have you learn and grown from there? Have you accepted your situation? What do you need to change and are you willing to do it? Do you know?


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What’s your favorite Grey’s Anatomy quote?

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