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Building A Brand: Queenly

My top five tips for bloggers:

  1. Just write. The more you write, the more comfortable you’ll become with blogging. There’s no pressure to make things perfect or to get out a certain amount of posts at a time. Write at your own pace, but just write.
  2. Use tags to your advantage. Tags helped my blog get a little more attention in the WordPress community. My 2017 goal was to boost site activity and I did so by simply adding tags to my posts.
  3. Use social media to your advantage. I have a Facebook, Twitter, and an Instagram page for Queenly. Instagram has proven to be the best outlet, I’m able to easily reach more people and it’s easy to make a simple post and keep the page active.
  4. Write content that relates to your blog’s theme. Don’t steal content, cite the sites.
  5. Oh! And simply make sure it’s easy for people to follow and subscribe to your blog.

I created this blog June of 2017, and it’s still a work in progress. I don’t have any specific goals for 2018, but there are a few more things I want to do to improve my blog. This will include the following… Contests and giveaways. I’m going to start off with monthly giveaways, just to get used to the process. It’s also a great way to reward those who have been supporting my blog and attract new readers. Consistent posts. As of now, I try to schedule daily posts, even if it’s just a simple “Word ofΒ The Day” posts. I want to continue posting consistently and adding creativity to some posts. A website remodel. This is something I actually want to work on this summer and I’m always considering hiring someone, but I want to take the time to do it myself and learn how to create an awesome site that I love. This blog is less than a year old and I’m excited to see how much more progress I will make in the years to come.

Thank you for reading! For even more updates follow Queenly on Instagram and Twitter @sheisqueenly.

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