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Natural Hair Hacks: Basic Hair Regimen

My natural hair journey started three years ago, and it’s definitely been a work in progress. My goal is to

Daily Maintenance

 Daily or every other day moisturize your hair with water or a water-based leave in conditioner. I prefer to use Cantu or Garnier Fructis, but you may have to try out a few different products to see what works best for your hair. Water is the number one source of moisture for the hair and it keeps it soft and supple.

Seal the moisture with an oil. This helps to slow down the evaporation of water from the air. I prefer to use Jamaican Black castor oil or Doo Gro growth oil. 

Double seal the moisture with a cream to close the hair cuticle. This also slows down the loss of moisture so your hair stays hydrated. You can actually use either oil or cream first, whatever works best for your hair. I prefer to use Mizani curl define pudding or Cantu curl cream activator. 

Gently finger detangle hair if you need to, to remove any knots or shed hairs.

Try to reduce daily hair handling to every other day, which will reduce breakage. 

Wash Day

Shampoo and deep condition your hair once a week. Also try to do a good protein treatment once a month. 

Clean hair and scalp to remove dirt and buildup. If I’m wearing protective styles, I just wash my hair in between styles. I prefer to use OGX Coconut Curls shampoo or conditioner or Mizani shampoo and conditioner. 

Deep condition to moisturize and strengthen hair. I prefer to use the Cantu deep treatment masque. Sometimes I’ll apply low heat with the blow-dryer to let it really set in, but I keep it in for at most an hour before washing it out.

Gently detangle hair to remove any knots or tangles. 

Stretch hair while drying to prevent any knots and tangles. 


Dampen hair with conditioner to make it easier to detangle. 

Detangle your hair using your fingers or a wide tooth comb. If you have thicker hair, they make very awesome detangling combs that’ll make it easier to manage.

Detangle from the ends, making your way up to your roots.

Twist or braid hair after detangling to avoid any knots or tangles.

Hair Styling

Stretched hairstyles such as twists, braids, or roller sets help to decrease knots and breakage. 

Protective styles such as braids, buns, weaves, or twists can help retain length and reduce breakage.

Avoid direct tight hairstyles and direct heat. Air drying hair or using a bonnet dryer is much better. 

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