Daily Inspo 👑

My 2018 Anti-Bucketlist!

Eighteen things I plan to not do in 2018!

  • I will not procrastinate. This is much easier said than done, but it’s one habit I really, really want to break.
  • I will never doubt myself. I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to.
  • I will not isolate myself and listen to sad music. I am going to try to not be so melodramatic in the new year.
  • I will not eat nuggets every day. The first stop to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
  • I will not be afraid to take a chance. Take every chance and drop every fear.
  • I will not do petty things to people who annoy me. I will just let karma take care of them.
  • I will not be late to work (more than twice in a week). I have to start slow.
  • I will never be afraid to speak up. I will voice all my problems and concerns.
  • I will not allow my credit card bill to get out of control, because that money could go towards some really nice vacations I deserve.
  • I will not lose my phone. I just need to speak this into existence. I will not break my phone either.
  • I will not stoop to the level of my (nonexistent) haters. I will rise above.
  • I will not slack on blog posts.
  • I will not eat Thai food with traces of peanuts and nearly die.
  • I will never be ashamed of who I am. I wasn’t made to be anyone else. I am perfect just as I am.
  • I will not bail on plans last minute unless the universe is just really telling me it’s a bad idea.
  • I will not let toxic people back into my life.
  • I will not compare myself to anyone else. No one’s life is any better than my own, I will be grateful for what I have.
  • I will not let myself slack behind in 2018. This will be a great year.

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