Glowing and Growing 👑

What’s In My Current Makeup Bag?

The makeup bag I use is from Ulta Beauty. It’s a super cute aztec print bag. I was previously just using a big ziploc bag for my makeup, so I had to invest in an actual makeup bag to keep everything organized. So, I prime my face using NYX’s Born to Glow illuminating primer. This primer has the consistency of a lotion, but it’s still a little oily when I apply it. A little definitely goes a long way, so I can get a good use out of this bottle. I pair this with the NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator. Together, these two products give my skin the perfect glow. Now, on top of this I use Mary Kay’s Mineral Powder in Bronze 5. I actually like powder foundation a little more, because it’s easy to blend and gives me a flawless finish. I guess the only downside would be how messy it is, the powder seriously gets everywhere if you aren’t careful. I use LA Girl pro concealer in Toast or Beautiful Bronze; and Ulta Beauty liquid concealer in deep warm. I like to use LA girl for my brows, and I just use a small concealer brush to clean them up. I don’t have a specific brow routine at the moment, I just kind of use whatever I grab first and go from there. I have the Ardell brow defining kit, Maybelline brow drama pro palette, KISS top brow kit, and Ardell brow pomade. I have black eyeliner that I use to lightly outline my brows as well. The Ulta Beauty liquid concealer is usually used for under eye concealer, since it’s a little thicker than my LA Girl. I like to have the extra coverage to hide the heavy bags under my eye. I also have a L’Oreal true match foundation in cocoa 8. This is a really, really good drugstore foundation, but it doesn’t quite match my skin tone, so I use this as a concealer sometimes. I like to use makeup sponges to blend my concealer. I usually buy them from the dollar store, and just restock as I need them. I prefer to buy the bag versus an actual beauty blender, because I have super sensitive skin, so I just like to use fresh make-up sponges when doing my make-up. I like to add concealer to the sides of my nose, to give it a slightly narrow look, using my LA Girl pro concealer. I also use LA Girl to prime my eyelids if I’m using a pigmented eyeshadow. I have Laura Mercier translucent powder, and I only use that under my eyes. Again, my eyebag game is on point, so I try to make sure to have good finish there to conceal them. I also use Mary Kay sheer mineral pressed powder. I like to pair this with liquid foundation for a better finish, but I don’t really use it as much with my powder foundation. The powder foundation and powder pressed powder gives me a horrible ghostly look with flashback. I use the CoverGirl natural hue bronzer in ebony bronze across my cheekbones. I have the Jefree Star King Tut highlighter, I actually got this from one of my coworkers a couple years ago. I really just use it as a compact mirror when doing my makeup, but I’ve been actually using the highlighter more. It’s definitely very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. This highlighter gives me a nice golden glow, but I have to be careful to not use too much. I use Colourpop eyeshadows, cheek colors, and lipsticks. I absolutely love Colourpop, for a low price you can get amazing products. All the colors are super pigmented and it’s easy to find swatches online so you know which colors will work for you. I use NYX matte setting spray to set my makeup. To remove my makeup, I use Mary Kay oil free makeup remover. I haven’t purchased any more make-up since earlier this year, but next year I want to completely revamp my make-up bag.

Thank you for reading! What are your go to makeup products? Comment below.

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