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Top 10 Quick Tips for Job Seekers

  1. Self-assessment. Before diving yourself into job search, do a quick self-assessment. Think about what it is you want to do, and what you are capable of doing. Decide what jobs interest you and the type of employer you want to work for. Also consider the location, and what works best for you. Honestly, there are job opportunities everywhere. Figuring out these few things makes it a lot easier to narrow down the jobs you want to target.
  2. Research and explore options. As mentioned above, decide what jobs interest you and the type of employer you want to work for. For example, if you like working in the medical field, explore all the different jobs you can work within the field. There are a lot of jobs within the medical field that only require certifications or associates degrees, and that’s another option that will bring you even more opportunities. Be sure to do your research and explore all of the career options that are possible. Also try to research free services that offer career counseling or job search assistance.
  3. Freshen up your resume. After deciding the kind of job(s) you are interested in, take the time to write or edit your resume. Cater your resume to the kind of job you want to attract, even if that means writing multiple resumes. Use the internet to your advantage, and research different ways to make your resume stand out. Make sure it’s easy to read and organized! Employers read multiple resumes, so make sure yours is one to remember.
  4. Apply, apply, and apply. Indeed and Snagajob are two of my favorite job search sites. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family about job opportunities, and look out for those “Now Hiring” signs! Apply for as many opportunities as you can. Even if you get callbacks and interviews, keep applying and accepting other opportunities as well until you’re settled into a job you like.
  5. References. This is always the rough part for me when it comes to job hunting, because I don’t have many legit references. You can include anyone who you’ve had a professional relationship with. Colleagues, customers, clients, vendors, supervisors, teachers, ect. My next reliable source would be my aunt or my best friend, if I like really, really need someone. With any references that you use, try to let them know ahead of time you are adding them, that way they’re prepared when the job calls.
  6. Interview preparation. I always get super nervous before the interview, so I always try to prepare as much as possible before hand. Try mock interviews with family and friends. You may even be able to find examples of questions the company will ask online. Be prepared for the basic interview questions, and situational questions. Make sure you have enough information on the company and position you are applying for. Dress for success, and make sure you are prepared beforehand. Arrive on time, relaxed, and prepared for your interview. Always arrive 15 minutes prior, this will also give you a chance to scoop the environment. Body language is also so important! It’s easy to get a little nervous or intimidated, but keep a solid posture, smile, and make eye contact. I could honestly go on and on, but a little research goes a long way!
  7. Persistent, polite, and punctual. Going along with my interview tips above. Just have good mannerisms and don’t be afraid to follow-up after sending in your application or interviews. Simply follow the three P’s– persistence, politeness, and punctuality.
  8. Start volunteering.  Use any spare time you have to volunteer, even if it’s just once a month. Not only are you making a change in your community, but you’ll be able to network and meet some amazing people. Check out your local opportunities!
  9. Create your position. Turn your talent into a paycheck. Start investing in yourself and doing what you truly love! Right now, blogging is just something that I do for fun. Eventually, I hope to expand the Queenly brand even more. Believe in yourself! There are so many people in my peer group out here working for themselves, and doing something they are passionate about. It definitely inspired me to do that same, and I hope to encourage you to follow your dreams.
  10. Make a good first impression. Even after securing the job, make a good first impression! I just started a new job like two weeks ago, and my goal was to make a good first impression. The job is simple and something I’ve done before, and even though I’m confident with my skills, I’m still attentive and I ask questions. I say hello to all of my co-workers and managers, or at least give them a small smile. This little gesture definitely goes a long way, and being positive in general could shift someone’s entire day. Most importantly, I arrive on time and I simply do my job. Make a good first impression, and continue on with that same behavior. Practice good work ethic, and it’ll make things so much more easier.

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