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Top 20 Movies & Shows with Black Casts on Netflix

Film and television are two things that I love very much, but I wish there was more diversity in film! More than just the “token” black friend you occasionally see in blockbuster movies. We definitely need more films with a majority African-American cast. Not only films, but television shows as well! And not just reality shows. If you’re looking for something to new to check out on Netflix, I’ve listed my top 20 favorites. There are so many more I encourage you to check out as well!
1. Southside With You

2. Imperial Dreams

3. The Man In 3B

4. My Last Day Without You

5. Deuces

6. Brotherly Love

7. Burning Sands

8. Lila and Eve

9. Cru

10. Carter High

11. Luv

12. Yelling To The Sky

13. Middle of Nowhere

14. Being Mary Jane

15. Greenleaf

16. The Get Down

17. Chewing Gum

18. Luke Cage

19. The Carmichael Show

20. Real Husbands of Hollywood

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