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Building a Brand: Queenly 👑 

2018 is quickly approaching, and of course with each new year comes new resolutions. This year was quite eventful to say the least, but it’s given me the push I need to go after things that I truly want. What were your highs and lows of 2017?
My main goal for next year is to work for myself, or find a job with more flexibility. I would like to be able to vacation more, and do things I like. I put a lot of hard work into the wrong job, and I’d just like to do things the right way. I’m definitely a hard worker and there’s nothing I love more than excelling at my job. If I put that same passion into building a brand for myself, I believe I can go pretty far. Working for yourself takes time, there’s a lot of planning and behind the scenes work that goes into it. There will be many ups and downs, and it won’t be easy, but giving up is never an option.
So as mentioned above, I’d like to be able to work for myself or at least make extra money doing something I genuinely love. What are your talents or your passions? There are so many young black people with amazing talents, and there are opportunities for us out there. Success isn’t something that’s handed it to you, it’s something you work hard for. How to you define success? We all have different ideas, but the path you take depends on your idea of success.
As I journey down my path, I’d like to take you with me. I want to show others, especially black girls in my age group or younger, than you anything you want to achieve is possible. Set a goal, make a plan, and follow through. 

Queenly is a blog I’m really just doing for fun, if it becomes successful that will be amazing, but at the moment I just want to be able to brighten the days of others or help them out in any way that I can. Before I can start making any major goals for Queenly, I have to get more readers. 
My current goal: Boost site activity.
I would like to bring in more readers and while my main audience was young black girls, I want to include content that everyone can read or relate to. My general audience would be people from the ages of 14-25, teenagers and young adults. 
You can find anything and everything on the internet. I learned how to create my site and get my own domain name through Google. Now, I’m going to use it to figure out how to attract more readers to my site. 
Right now, I use my social media accounts to advertise the blog. I have separate accounts for Queenly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Queenly Instagram page is actually a lot more active than I expected. I’m not on the Facebook and Twitter as much, but I try to update on all accounts as much as I can. If I have any new posts, I always share them to these accounts. This definitely helps with gaining more visitors.
After doing some research I’ve found a few other techniques I’m going to follow from now on. 
If you click the link above, you’ll find the very helpful site I can across with some amazing tips. I’m following all of them, but the main ones I want to focus on are focusing on SEO and doing more to keep readers engaged through commenting, contest, quality posts, etc. Not only do I want to boost site activity, but once people read I want them to actually want to come back and visit again. As the site above mentions, I would love for readers to feel a sense of belonging after visiting my blog page. 
So I’ve set set my goal, and I’ve started the steps to creating a plan. You always have to do your research before making any sort of plan. So below, I’m creating to create a more detailed plan.
Current Goal • Boost Site Activity ✨
* Focus on SEO: I plan to do a little more research on this, and find sites that gear towards adding my blog to more search engines. I’m going to use specific headlines that will pop up, and always add featured images that can be linked back to my blog. I will also use specific keywords that make it easier for my blog to pop up in search engines. Also give readers a chance to subscribe to my blog, and make sure it’s easy to find the subscribe button.
* Contests & Giveaways: I plan to host contests and giveaways. This is a plan I’ve had for quite some time, and I’m going to try one next month to see how things go. I am going to do a little more research on giveaways, and put two together so I can try it for November and December. I want to keep the contest simple. The plan is to have readers comment on their favorite posts, that way I can promote activity and get the chance to interact with readers.
* Focus on Post Formats: I plan to focus more on quality posts. As mentioned above, I want to add keywords, featured images, and eye-catching headlines. I also want to make sure I edit post very well. I want to encourage readers to comment on posts and interact with me more. 

There are a few other things I plan to do in order to achieve my goal, but this is just a start. So I have set my goal, made a plan, and now I just have to follow through. Be on the look out for my next “Building A Brand” post to read my progress with this goal. 
Thank you for reading. 
What is one goal you have for 2018? Comment below, I’d love to hear about your goals! 
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