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Top 5: Artists You Need To Listen To! 

5. Ré Lxuise 🎶 My favorite song: Muse. Ré Lxuise actually attended my high school, DSA. Her EP, D.M Me, is perfect. Music that’s full of soul. Take the time to listen, and I swear you’ll be addicted. You can also catch her video for the song, The One, on YouTube and the visuals are amazing. She’s definitely one of my favorite local artist, and I hope she continues to glow and grow ✨

4. Ella Mai 🎶 My favorite song: Lay Up. In April I attended a Kehlani concert, where Ella Mai was the opener. I had previously heard some of her music, but  I was really sleeping on her. She was a very good performer, and after the concert I was listening to her music on-stop. Honestly, I love all of her songs. It’s rare I find artist that have entire albums I like, but Ella Mai is the exception. Get hip.

3. Angel Haze 🎶 My favorite song: Babe Ruthless. Angel Haze is actually from Detroit, which I didn’t know when I first started listening to her songs. She mentions it in the song, D-Day. The first song I listened to by Angel Hazel was Battle Cry featuring Sia, a beautiful, genuine song. A lot of rap music coming out now doesn’t have much substance. Angel Haze is one of those rare artist out there with genuinely good music. Just take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think.

2. Jasmine Sullivan 🎶 My favorite song: All of them 😩 I’m sure we all know how amazing Jasmine Sullivan is, and she has those hit songs we all passionately scream along to. If you haven’t listened to all the songs of each of her albums, you definitely need to! There may be like one or two songs I don’t vibe with as well as the others, but I can really listen to every song on all of her albums on repeat.

1. Keke Palmer 🎶 My favorite song: Reverse Pyschogy. Keke Palmer is one of my most favorite people. She has an amazing personality and she’s extremely talented. Music wise, I was always kind of iffy.. She’s an amazing dancer and singer so she can definitely make it in th field, but when it comes to her actual songs not all of them are really songs you wanna listen to on repeat. But I’ve recently came across some really good music by her! The song above I would definitely suggest, and while you’re at it, check out her other music. You’ll find yourself surprisingly impressed.

Okay so I’ve sprinkled a little Black Girl Magic on your day. I highly recommend listening to the artists above, you will not regret it ✨

Thank you for reading.

Who’s your current favorite artist? Comment below 🙂

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