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How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days! 

Current Relationship Status: Waiting For A Miracle

If you ever need advice on how to lose a guy in 10 days (or less) I’m totally your person (joking). I seriously just might be an expert on the subject though. I believe if I really wanted to be in a relationship, I could probably manage it. But I’m the Queen of Complexity so nothing is ever simple with me.

There’s a post that’s been popping up on my timeline with the question, “Why Are You Single”, and “you can’t put the blame on the opposite sex, name a reason why you are the cause…”. Take a moment and really think about this. What problems in your past (or current) relationships created problems? There are some problems that can’t be solved overnight, but we can work on making ourself better for the right person.

I’m single because I have way too many expectations up front. I always believe things will turn out a certain way, and when they don’t I bail. I have to learn that I can’t control everything, especially relationships. I really have to chill and let things happen in the order they are supposed to. I am extremely strong-willed person– bossy, bold, stubborn, independent, and headstrong. I have too many opinions and I always say how I feel. This is something that I can’t change, all I can do is change my approach. I refuse to settle for anything in life, especially relationships. Being single has allowed me to love myself even more and realize my worth. So, I really don’t want to deal with anyone who doesn’t value me the same way I value myself. I also tend to overlook the good guys. I’m sure I’ve missed out on perfect opportunities, because I was chasing the wrong person or just being picky. I will also let zodiac signs define how I feel, but let’s face it. The Stars Never Lie. There are some signs I just don’t mesh well with, and while that may not be true for every person, I just don’t want to force myself to have a connection with someone who’s traits clash with mine.

I’m sure you realize now why I’m waiting for a miracle. My advice is to learn yourself and love yourself first. Ask yourself, why are you really single? Analyze yourself. The good traits and the bad traits. I’m sure you hear this so much, but you have to be okay being alone, so you aren’t in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, it takes a long time to reach this point. You may not reach that point, and it’s okay. Just never settle for less than you deserve. Find a partner who compliments your life, someone who makes the days easier. Relationships are never perfect, nothing in life comes easy at all. All you can do is find the person that will always survive the storm with you. Someone who will never give up. Be that person! No one likes being single, but you can’t always put the blame on the opposite sex or the generation.
No two people are the same, so you can’t approach all relationships the same way. Some of us love to say all guys are the same, and they really aren’t. It’s best to fill them out and really get to know them. There was a guy I met who was very talkative, we could literally talk for hours, and sometimes I wouldn’t say much but he always kept the conversation going. There was a guy who I could have more in depth conversations with, he was very easy to talk to. I could vent to him or go to him for advice with no problem. And there was a guy who was still on the “How freaky are you?” tip. Examples that are guys and all relationships you encounter will be different. So, again, you can’t approach them the same or assume that the next person will treat you exactly the same way your ex did. No two people are the same.

Thank you for reading.

In this post I’m trying to get you to focus on why you’re single, but I’d like to keep this discussion going. What mistake do people in your age group make with relationships? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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