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The Stars Never Lie.

Today I’ll be discussing ✨astrology✨. As the title states, the stars never lie. I feel like everyone’s zodiac sign stays pretty true to how they are, and it’s kind of crazy how people born around the same time share similar traits. Astrology is just super interesting, which is why I’m kind of obsessed.

Okay so everyone has a sun sign, a moon sign, and an ascendant sign. If you find astrology as interesting as I find it, you should definitely look it up. I think moon signs and ascendant signs are what sets us apart from others that fall under the same zodiac sign as us. If you click that link below, you can get a good explanation of what the moon and ascedant signs are.


My birthday is November 19, making me a Scorpio. My zodiac sign definitely fits me! I’m also on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusps and there are some common traits I share with a Sag. My moon sign is a Libra. My ascendant/rising sign is a Cancer. All of which are very fitting and make up who I am as a person.

You can look forward to posts going into more detail about each zodiac sign. Today I’m just going to give my opinion on each sign, and these are just based off of my personal experiences and people that I know.

Capricorn: I have yet to meet a Capricorn that I don’t like. They are (lowkey) my favorite sign. Caps are super silly! They are also very loyal for the most part, maybe someone out there had a bad experience. They always keep it real with you that’s for sure! They can fall into depressive moods, but I’ve never met a Cap that used this as a way to get attention. Though, you will know when they fall into these slumps so be there  for you Capricorn, and they’ll always appreciate you. A Capricorn is definitely someone I always want in my life, and if you are a Scorpio get you a Capricorn! I just went out with my Cap bestie this weekend, and had the absolute best time ever.

Aquarius: Aqauarius have a really good vibe to them. They are the kind of people you just always feel comfortable around. They are good conversationalists and amazing listeners. An Aquarius can offer good advice, and they are very open-minded. All things that make them good, loyal, and honest friends. Now some Aquarius can be a little gossipy, though not all! They can come off a little detached, which some people (me) may take personal at first, but I believe Aquarius live in their heads. They are always thinking about a million things, and not just you. So if you’re taking their behavior personal, don’t. They are good people. I don’t know if I would ever be really close with an Aquarius, but they are people I wouldn’t mind associating with.

Pisces: My twin sisters are Pisces, and my soul sister Rihanna is one as well. An old friend of mine was a Pisces and she did annoy me sometimes, but never seemed to get annoyed with me. Scorpios have a more complex, sensitive side to them that I believe Pisces are able to understand. The ones I’ve known are about to deal with my moodiness a little more than others. As a Scorpio, I believe I just have a good connection with Pisces.  I’m not close with many, but I hope to meet more as I get older. I just think Pisces and Scorpios are signs that can balance each other and understand each other well, not that all will get along, but you might find a few good Pisces you mesh well with.

Taurus: Very strong individuals. I have to start off with that. I’ve always gotten a good aura from Tauruses, and I’m able to get along with them right away. I think a Taurus is the yin to my yang. Taurus and Scorpios are complete opposites, but still able to get along. An old co-worker of mine was a Taurus, and we got along very well. It was always easy talking to her, and she was a little older so I enjoyed going to her for advice to just to vent and get good feedback. I do think that Tauruses have a shady side to them, but besides that they are cool.

Aries: Good company and good people to keep around. My dad is actually an Aries, and I know a few others of the same sign. None of them are really the same, but there are a few certain similarities they have. Aries are just cool af and chill people. I don’t know if I can really click with them or have this amazing friendship, but like I said they are good people to have around. I like trying to guess people’s signs based on how they act, and I will say this probably one of the only signs I don’t know much about.

Gemini: Geminis aren’t as bad as people make them, I know some cool Geminis. But I don’t really get along with them too well. We all know Geminis are the “twin sign” and they have those main two sides to them. The Geminis I’ve met are either really chill or craay craay. There’s no in between. I can get along with Geminis, but I don’t think I’ll have a long-term relationship or friendship with them. I don’t have any bad experiences, it’s just their crazy side I can’t deal with.

Cancer: My ascendant/rising sign is actually a Cancer, and Scorps and Cancers are supposedly compatible. Cancers are family-oriented, they are loving and protective of those they are close to. This is one of the main things I love about Cancers. They can be moody and emotional, but that’s nothing I’m bothered by. I’m more so uncomfortable with people who act like they have no feelings at all. Cancers are fun and goofy, and good people to be around and keep as a friend. I know a lot of Cancers, but there actually aren’t many I’m close with besides family. I would love to have more Cancer friends for sure!

Leo: Lowkey everyone’s favorite sign. Leos are people you just can’t help but like, the kind of people you really want to be around. And Leo’s are awesome people, that’s for sure. My best friend is a Leo, and they are amazing friends to have. Not only are they fun af, a Leo will always make sure you are good. Leo’s can be prideful, bossy, and stubborn. Those are the main traits that might irritate you, but they good traits outweigh that. A Leo is definitely the kind of person you want to keep around, and if you’re a true friend you can guarantee a Leo will always be around as a long-time friend.

Virgo: Virgos are amazing. There’s no way around it. A little feisty at times, but it’s that feistiness you’ll like. They keep it real with you, and a Virgo will always have your back. They tend to overthink and often analyze things, but you’ll find that their intuition doesn’t fail them. They are awesome people to talk with and chill with. Virgos can have strong personalities, and it can be intimidating to some, but really how can you dislike Virgos? They may drive you crazy, but they are the best! Am I done raving? Maybe not. Lol. Besides Capricorns, Virgos are my favorite sign. I have yet to meet a Virgo I don’t like. No matter what your sign is, you need a Virgo in your life!

Libra: My moon sign is a Libra, and when it comes to other Libras I either love them or can’t stand them. Maybe if our moons aren’t aligned, things just aren’t good. There was one Libra I met that really rubbed me in the wrong way. But these another I know who’s seriously the most awesome person ever. Now, I do think Libras just might be the nicest zodiac sign. I had one slightly bad experience, but I would put the blame on myself a little more. Libras really are nice to almost everyone they meet, and they have a pretty chill and laid-back approach. They can be mean if you push them to they point. They are very balanced people, but can sometimes be indecisive. I definitely have my Libra side (more laid back) and my Scorpio side (pyscho side, jk). Depending on the Libra, I can definitely get along with them.

Scorpio: Scorpios are awesome people, maybe just the best sign yet #sorrynotsorry. We are complex individuals, the kind of people you either love or hate. As much as I love Scorpios, I keep that love at a distance. I’m not going to say I’d never have a Scorpio friend, I just don’t think I’m the type that would be able to mesh well with other Scorpios. Again, it’s either love or hate. While it would be nice to have a friend or partner who understands me and works similar to how I do; I believe it’s those similaries that will cause me to clash with other Scorpios. I just simply love them from afar.

Sagittarius: I am a late November baby, so I’m on the Scorpio/Sag cusps. I share a few traits with Sags. Almost all of the guys I’ve talked to have actually been Sags and they’re birthdays weren’t too far apart. It’s weird.. When it comes to Sag men or women I get along with them easily. There are some things about Sags I don’t like, which is probably why I haven’t had a lasting friendship with any of them. I’m sure there are things about Scorpios that Sags hate as well. I’m able to work well with Sags for the most part, but there are differences we have that many cause things to be short-lived.

Thank you for reading.
My mother is a Virgo and my father is an Aries. What two signs made you? Comment below! ✨

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