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Back to School: #CollegeEdition 

It’s almost 2018, where did the time go? I can’t believe it’s back to school time, though I will admit I’m a little relieved my siblings will be going back (sorry not sorry). I’m sure you know all the basic essentials you’ll need for college, but here are a few personal tips that will hopefully help you out. Whether it’s your first year or your last.. University or community college.. This is your guide to a stress-free year!

The Supplies. So to backtrack a little, I went to community college for two years, then just stopped. It wasn’t my intention, but I was working full-time and failing at my classes, so I just chose work over school. Something I regret, but life goes on. I was never prepared with supplies I just took whatever notebook and pen I found at home, and hit up the campus store for anything else I needed. I highly recommended getting supplies ahead of time! You can find it so cheap nearly everywhere during the back-to-school season, and the campus store is a rip off! Don’t pay $5 for a notebook, when you can pay like ten cents. The supplies you need will be based on your classes. But here’s what I recommend…

  • Notebooks: You can do one of those 5-subjects or one per class. Whatever you prefer. Note taking is important in college and helps soo much with studying, especially for final exams. Making sure you have a notebook for each class. Even highlighters, sticky notes, or colored pens. Anything to make your note taking easier. Taking notes is extremely important in college!!!! Binders and folders are also very helpful to have, to help organize everything. 
  • Textbooks: I was able to buy my books using financial aid, which is something to inquire about for sure. Chegg, Amazon, Better World Books, Textbooks.com, Alltextbooks.com, and Campus Book Rentals are all amazing sites to check out for books! If you have to buy books, see which one works well for you! Buying textbooks suck, but don’t sell your soul for textbooks! Explore all options.
  • Good Backpack: I am the type of person that like to carry my stylish tote, but that also means I have light books or I’m gonna be very extra and go to the car for my other book later. Keep in mind, you’ll be carrying your textbooks, notebooks, and all other fancy college items. You definitely want a nice sturdy bag. Nothing is more stressful than having your bag break on you, or having sore shoulders. Invest in a nice bag. 
  • The Fillers: As mentioned above you are going to have other fancy college items in years your bag, and here’s the list. A flash drive is a must have. You are going to type so many papers, and you definitely want to have a handy flash drive. Pens and pencils are an obvious one, and you can never have enough (believe me). A scientific calculator, you don’t have to get an expensive one, you can stick to the basics! But a calculator is a must-have. Sometimes the professor will supply them, but always have your own just on case. Index cards are very helpful! Especially when it comes to studying. A mini stapler is also good to have, but not necessary.

College Hacks. So we’ve went over the basics of what supplies you will need. Now here are tips on how to survive the semester with as little stress as possible. For this portion I actually just made a Pintrest board with as many helpful tips as possible. You’ll find a lot of different tools and tips! Click the link below to read more.


Balancing Acts. To wrap things up, I want to talk balancing work, school, and your personal life. This was the hardest part for me. School should be a priority, but try to make the experience as stress free as possible. Have study groups for your harder classes to help out, or if your school offers tutoring take advantage. Study a little bit everyday, and take advantage of office hours for your professor. If there was something you didn’t understand, any questions, or concerns never be afraid to ask. If your professor offers extra credit, take advantage while you can! Those extra points will help so much. When it comes to taking notes, figure out what works best for you. Even record lectures on your phone to help (if the professor approves). Do whatever you can to help acing classes a breeze. Also check out Ratemyprofessors.com to read reviews ahead of time, this helps me with picking classes or being prepared ahead of time. When it comes to your social life, always give yourself a break. You need a little fun, college is not a walk in the park. Just don’t focus too much on partying that it affects your schooling. Also try activities that help reduce stress, whatever that may be for you! When it comes to work, I know everyone’s situation is different. If you have to work, just try to get good rest and never work if it conflicts with your school schedule. You can click the Pintrest link above to get even more tips on how to balance everything easily.

Good luck to everyone heading back to school! May this year be even better than the last. Don’t let college stress you too much, figure out what works for you and stick to that. Thank you for reading and you can look forward to even more post to help you survive school this year.

Keep Queenin ✨

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