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What’s In My Phone?

The Phone. Space Grey iPhone 6s. I’ve had this phone since the beginning of the year. I had a habit of going through phones pretty quickly, due to damages or losing the phone. I’m actually up for an upgrade, so in August I might get a new one. And the iPhone 7 is my top […]

The Phone. Space Grey iPhone 6s. I’ve had this phone since the beginning of the year. I had a habit of going through phones pretty quickly, due to damages or losing the phone. I’m actually up for an upgrade, so in August I might get a new one. And the iPhone 7 is my top choice, but I really only want the phone for the bomb camera.

My apps. Listed below are all the apps I have on my phone. Comment below with your favorite apps!

Instragram: My personal page is [ xobva ]. My business page is [ sheisqueenly ]. My business page consists of uplifting posts, something positive and motivational. I’m actually on the queenly Instagram page, more than I’m on my actual blog so I need to work on that. But check out the Instagram for even more awesome posts.

Snapchat: [ xobaireal and q-ueenly]. Honestly, I’ve never been that big into Snapchat, but I want to post my tips and cool videos. I want to use Snap for vlogging for sure.

Facebook: Facebook is kind of entertaining, it’s always some crazy drama with people I follow. But I mainly just repost cool videos and memes. I also post the occasional photo, but it’s a way for me to keep up with family and old friends. I have a Facebook page for Queenly, that can be found @sheisqueenly.

Twitter: [ sheisqueenly] I directly publish all my blog posts there, so it’s a good way to stay updated.

WordPress: There are tons of free blogging sites, WordPress is just what I’m used to. I would recommend it for sure, it’s easy to use and easy to customize sites. I pay yearly, so I have tons of cool features and my own domain name.

Tumblr: I actually don’t use Tumblr as much, but I want to create a page for Queenly to publish all posts as well, and share cool pictures and videos. Same concept, but Tumblr is formatted differently, and I can reach more people.

TEDtalks: Highly recommended! I was introduced to Ted talks in college. Basically, they are short, powerful talks about all sorts of topics. They are very interesting. You can find them on YouTube as well.

Wattpad: [ e-lixir ] A place to read and share stories. I have a few stories I’m working on. I have a short story, Warmth, that I wrote for a contest. And I’m working on a story ‘Desolation’, and the first chapter is up for that one.

Pinterest: [ sheisqueenly ] I am a little obsessed with Pintrest, but I’m trying to keep my boards in relation to my blog posts. Check out my page to see some awesome boards.

Kindle: Amazon reading app. I love to read, but I prefer paperback. I use the Kindle app every now and then.

Polyvore: [ opul3nt ]. A fashion app, and I also do a little writing on Polyvore as well. One of my favorite apps, and I’ve been on the site for years, since I was like 11.

YouTube: Top favorite song at the moment- SZA: 20 Something.

SoundCloud: Mari.Bee and Angel Haze are my favorite artist on SoundCloud check them out!

Hulu: 11-22-63 is my favorite show on Hulu.

Netflix: I’ve watched a lot on Netflix, but my favorite show at the moment is Jane the Virgin.

Hopper: An app that alerts you when plane ticket prices are at their lowest. I’m going to Coachella (a music fest in Cali) in April, so I’m waiting for ticket prices to drop.

Skip-Bo: A super fun card game my best friend introduced me to.

Fashion Story, Bakery Story, and Castle Story: I don’t have many games, but I do play these three often. I’ve been slacking lately though, I haven’t been on either apps as much.

Episode and Choices: Interactive stories, both super fun apps.

Snag-a-Job: Highly recommended job search site. The jobs I apply for through here are always the first to contact me.

Amazon, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, PINK nation, Wish, Sephora, Groupon, CVS, Starbucks, and McDonald’s.  

Photos 854 • 639 are screenshots 😩 I actually upload most pictures to Facebook so in case anything ever happens to my phone (since I’m forever breaking them), I always have my pictures. I don’t take many pictures anyways, my selfie game is very weak. I screenshot a lot, and I would have way more pictures, but I try to go through and delete unnecessary stuff.
Thank you for reading.

What app do you use the most on your phone? Comment below!

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